Music LA Program
Indian Music & Shplang Ensemble

2013 Music LA Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month Program

Presented by Sangeet in partnership with Disney, DCA (Los Angeles Dept. of Cultural Affairs) and the Office of Mayor Antonio R.Villaraigosa

Sangeet has been awarded a Music LA grant for our 5th year celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage Month. These free music classes for middle and high school students are presented by Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa, Disney and the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA).

Sangeet School of World Music will offer music instruction on the music of India specifically sitar, Indian rhthyms and our flagship world music youth chamber/jazz ensemble known as "Shplang Ensemble."

Teaching methodologies incorporate instruction that utilizes music notation, as well as oral traditions. Student participation will include performance training in an ensemble setting through classes and rehearsals. After eight instruction, all students will take part in a free culminating performance for family and friends.

Shplang Ensemble Videos

Sangeet/Music LA Faculty

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FREE CLASSES: 8 weeks on Mondays & Thursdays from May 6th - June 27th
LOCATION: Eagle Rock High School
1750 Yosemite Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90041

For our 5th season in the Music LA Program, the Sangeet School of World Music presents eight weeks of exciting world music workshops for intermediate & advanced teenage musicians. Students will have the exceptional opportunity to learn traditional vocal music, instruments from India such as sitar, tabla & tanpura and basic rhythmic techniques. In addition students will learn to apply world music concepts on instruments that have proficiency on already; guitar, bass, violin, viola, cello, winds, percussion & drum set through a world music synthesis experience called the SHPLANG Ensemble!

Contact Sangeet at The classes will be limited to a total of 35 music students. Indian instruments will be provided by the Sangeet School and students must bring the western instruments they already play to join Shplang! 'Shplang' is the sounds of different musical cultures colliding in one place and is our east/west creative chamber music ensemble.

Indian Music & Shplang Schedule:

Beginning sitar 4-5pm (Paul)
Intermediate sitar 5-6pm (Paul)
Indian music for strings 5-6pm (Pete)

Thursdays Shplang Ensemble 4-6:30pm     (Paul, Pete)
(For all musicians, percussionists & singers)

Sangeet Music LA Faculty:
Paul Livingstone ~ sitar & Shplang Ensemble director   Contact Paul!
Peter Jacobson ~ cello/string coach                                   Contact Pete!

What is Shplang?

2010 "Music LA" Shplang Performance Video

Video from 2010 Shplang Ensemble Culmination Performance

09 "Music LA" Shplang Performance Video

Video from 2009 Shplang Ensemble Culmination Performance in Mount Washington

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Address for Eagle Rock High School
1750 Yosemite Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Program Personnel

Sangeet School music educators; Paul Livingstone & Peter Jacobson (strings) will lead the courses. Paul has based his work around Indian music traditions for over 25 years. As performing artists, educators & composers they stand uniquely qualified with their experience in creating contemporary expressions of world music through performances and workshops for all ages. Both of the instructors have extensive experience working with youth music education including the Music LA Program.Geena Gauthier will be the administrator in charge of student enrollment. Contact Paul for more information & registration: Sangeet School (323) 899-0704

Curriculum: Shplang Ensemble

Shplang is a contemporary creative performance ensemble for youth born of an amalgamation of diverse cultural forms & musical styles relevant to living in the city of Los Angeles.

Shplang is an onomatopoeia, which represents the sound of music from a multiplicity of cultural influences in one place. This sound must be crafted & worked to create a harmonious expression. As an analogy of living in Los Angeles, Shplang represents a creative musical expression of what is possible living in a city where racial ethnic tensions are commonplace as well as extraordinary exposure and collaborations across ethnic boundaries.


Music LA is DCA's citywide music education program for young people. Music LA coordinates a network of professional service providers to offer hands-on instrumental and vocal music classes for students in underserved areas of Los Angeles who might not otherwise have the opportunity to study music. The Music LA Heritage Month Sessions are sponsored by the Walt Disney Company in partnership with the Department of Cultural Affairs and the Office of Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa. The goal of the Music LA Heritage Month Sessions is to offer our young people the valuable opportunity to explore different cultural heritages through music, and to appreciate how these diverse musical traditions contribute to contemporary Los Angeles culture. For more information on the Music LA Program, please visit

  Shplang/Music LA Culmintation Concert (June 26 2011)

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Shplang Youth Ensemble, after our Raga Jazz
Chamber Music Culmination Concert (June 2010)
at Romona Hall, Los Angeles.

   sphlang 2010

   Shplang 2010

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