Jugalbandi musicians playing recently at a house concert in Colonia Roma,  Mexico City. |
Jugalbandi Ensemble live in Mexico
City, their tour took them through
Mexico & Cajlifornia and continues
in the spring of 2009. The India/US
Jugalbandi Ensemble is a trio feat-
uring artists from Calcutta (Partho
Sarothy & Abhijit Banerjee) and
Paul Livingstone from Los Angeles.
Music that dives deep

By Pam Jung
Prospector Editor, GRASS VALLEY California Oct 16, 2008
Hindustani classical world music. Say what? How many people in this county would be interested in such a genre, you may well be thinking.

Well, here are some reasons that might interest you.

First, it's always pretty exciting to witness masters - virtuosi, really - in action; and members of the Jugalbandi Trio are just that. Not only have they studied with the finest (Ravi Shankar, for example)), but they've also garnered honors and awards and collectively have performed on more than 50 CD recordings of classical Indian and creative world music with a diverse array of virtuoso artists from around the world. And, of course, they play in all major music festivals in India, the country that has raised the three instruments to a major art form in the world.

Second, such music has a deeper purpose to it than much of what we're used to in the West. From meditative to soaring, the music may be captured by such words as harmonious, tranquil, serene, mesmerizing and entrancing, words that come to my mind from my years hearing this kind of music. It's the kind of music that comes from the heart.

The trio's sitar player - an American, Paul Livingstone is collaborting with master musicians from India, Partho Sarothy on sarod and Abhijit Banerjee on tabla. I'm sure the it concert will be an extrordinary event.

Producer Mikail Graham told me he booked the trio, based on what a friend of his, Beverly Korenwaser, related to him when she said, "Several years ago at a home in Grass Valley, a performance of gorgeous Indian music was given by Paul Livingstone on sitar and Leonice Shinneman on tabla. My friend Matthias was there. He remembers...'Paul's music was a masterfully presented journey into the classical tradition of high profile Indian instrumental music. The precision and musicality of Paul's performance is unmatched by any musician from a Western tradition.'"

Said Graham, "Personally, I was immediately impressed by both their musical ability, as well as their musical sincerity."Go to http://www.sonicbids.com/epk/epk.aspx?epk_id=150490
to hear a couple of selections. For interviews, press and an more info, go to http://www.tanpura.com/press_quotes.htm.

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