~ para cielita

You are the dragonfly, the flower never seen by human eye.
A gentle breeze through the leaves. Tree of life, mountain
of strength, the call of the prophets, urgency wailing.

The work of hands, bright thoughts and stillness… ready.
We walk along… music in meditation, hope in song,
filling long hours, this beautiful struggle is joy.

You are sun, effortlessness pouring out… into my universe.
Photons in procreation… pure life… at the speed of light.
In, about and throughout… beyond space and time.
Without beginning or end, a mobius strip of immeasurable audacity.
Sub-atomic particles warp elusive dark matter of space,
beyond reason, a micro-cosmic frameless painting.

The generosity of the pauper embracing the grace of the king,
dreamt through the mind of the child. Nothing to hide or protect,
a flow, unencumbered by memory's stain. Birthing boundless imagination, to beautiful to succumb to fear or confusion… brilliant voices, unstoppable, unfolding realities.

Chocolate wine… the whisper of my lover's voice, intertwine.
The temple of the heart, soaked in pain… growing stronger.
All is you, infinite one, ground of being, personality ineffable.


Additional Writing