Holy War upon a Rabbi in Jerusalem,
I was the one to shake the blood stained hands.
Anger mounts as we condemn, devotee of the son of man.

Temple mob murder Steven in a hail of stones, put him down to bury bones.
with the prophets we adore, Oh… religion makes this chore.

Self-righteous judgment fills my veins as Steven plummets down in pain,
so free of hatred is he sane? Lifting his hands to praise your name!?!

My mind is boiling up with fear… of others who may join him near.
It would happen, they would claim, their broken master did appear!

On a mission I will go, to martyr those of whom I know.
Will try to follow in his way, a shameful blot upon the day.
And, I will kill, annihilate, all that I see of this disgrace.
Protect my faith upon this chase, this affront… upon my race!

Way to Damascus I do ride, my heart swallowed up with pride,
an ego blown so far and wide… heart of hatred filled with lies.

But YOU, knock me clear off my high horse, show me the follow of my course,
WHY you oppress and kill and hate, better CHANGE 'fore its too late!
For I have called you to be FREE, but now you're blinded and cant see,
Humble thyself before your enemies and you may find them friends to be!


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