Creative force of all matter and life, beyond space and time, sacred is your name. May your purpose be realized on this precious earth, throughout the universe and in all infinite & unfathomable dimensions of reality. You, set apart, outside yet dwelling within everything, providing for us in every moment, all the precious conditions of life & sustaining all matter & life throughout this expanding universe.

Pardon our failure as we acknowledge injury, of mother earth and aggression we have raised upon our sisters and brothers in an ongoing abuse of life and creation. Widen our hearts to forgive the debt of others for their unkindness and instill in us the way of redemptive non-violence.

PRAISE BE… to the mind, behind the bang, the realization of an infinitely dense & infitinitesimly small singularity to a universe now billions of light years in every direction. I bow in awe at the sheer impossibility of my own existence and the depth of my inability to comprehend your timeless infinite mystery.

Nothing was… before the light!

Nothing was… outside of time!

Nothing was… without beginning… but YOU!


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